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Anonymous said:
let's suck at Chinese together :) /pats back/

ok then :)

Anonymous said:
omfg you know mandarin?? aaaAAAHHHhh you should start talking in mandarin more cos I'm taking mandarin 1 classes rn and it would be really good practice tbh the only thing I could completely reading was "I love you" at the end though lol I could only read a couple of words at the beginning but that didn't do any justice :/

i was majoring from chinese and japanese on uni. and in not even two weeks i’m going to study to china for a year so i hope my crappy chinese will get better :) and don’t worry you couldn’t read that bc it’s only my shitty feels and my bad chinese /sigh.

exo awards and nominations (insp

"Nothing’s ever gonna make me love you less."

w.y. (via translated-feels)